City Center at Lake Manassas, Virginia is mixed use development.  This master-planning project incorporated several land parcels amounting to approximately 71 acres.  The colored portion of the depicted site plan is the first of three phases for this project.  This first phase establishes the commercial center for the development.  This commercial center is designed to include retail, restaurant and office space.  In addition a theatre and structured parking will provide a landmark for the development and will be located at the northern boundary along route 29.

Other components of the first phase include two condominium buildings and several hundred town homes.  A community center, to include swimming pools, tennis courts, an exercise facility and meeting room will be located on the southern side of the first phase. 

Several storm water collection areas are being designed in a manner to provide ponds in a serene park setting.  At the southern-most edge of the development a community park is being provided with ball-fields, concession areas and a lake.